Large format printing, as its name suggests, allows for graphics of large sizes to be printed and displayed – great for any and all advertising purposes. Just how large is large? Well, common large format dimensions include 24×24, 36×36 and 48×48 inches, but large format printing in Singapore can go up to 100 inches! Due to their large size, large format prints are versatile and can be used for posters, wallpapers, banners, signboards and more. They work great with graphic and colour-heavy content, allowing you to capture the tiniest details in your printout and really make your message stand out.

How Does Large Format Printing Work?

Have you ever wondered how large displays are printed? Large format printing in Singapore is done in a similar fashion to regular digital printing. The printers are usually connected to computers, through which the images to be printed are sent. Operators will load a roll of substrate into the printer, where the printing press uses large nozzles to lay down the toner, directly applying the ink to the material. Some printers can print directly onto different materials, such as paper, canvas, metal, fabric, foamboards and more! This quick printing process results in a more authentic product compared to mounting the prints onto substrates, making wide format printing the perfect medium for graphic-intense prints.

What Kinds of Printers are Used for Large Format Printing?

The printers used are most often roll-to-roll printers, flatbed printers, or a mix of both. Each has a slightly different printing method.

In a roll-to-roll printer, a roll of material will be fed into the printer, then re-rolled onto an uptake roller on the other side. Roll-to-roll printers are usually used to print items that come on flexible rolls such as banners or canvases.

On the other hand, a flatbed printer operates by having a substrate placed on the flatbed. Ultraviolet light hits liquid ink in the machine, imprinting it as solid ink on the substrate. Flatbed printers work great for thicker or less conventional substrates.

Hybrid machines allow for both types of printing. They typically come with a removable flatbed, as well as rolls attached to each side, allowing them to function as either type of printer.

How Should I Prepare My Files for Large Format Printing?

To ensure the best results, it is important to optimise your files for wide format printing. Be sure to double check that everything is in order – the last thing you would want is to send everything for printing, only to discover that there is a mistake on the finished product or they do not appear the way you wanted.

Since the dimensions of wide format printing are huge, you will want to use the highest possible resolution for your file so that it will not appear blurry or pixelated when enlarged to fit the canvas size. Another consideration is the colour format – keep in mind that printers use the CMYK format to print, so for optimal results, ensure that your digital file is not in another colour format such as RGB.

What Can Large Format Printing Be Used For?

As we have seen, wide format printing can produce a variety of results, making it a highly versatile medium for just about any purpose. In fact, we see large format prints all around us each day. What are some of the ways in which large format printing can be used?

Vehicle Wrapping

Buses, taxis, vans, and more – we frequently see these vehicles sporting full-colour advertisements or branding on their bodies. This is done through large format printing on a flexible vinyl material that is then wrapped around the vehicle in a process known as vehicle wrapping. The message can then be seen by just about everyone wherever the vehicle drives. Vehicle wrapping is a popular advertisement method favoured by many companies because it is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching a large audience.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are typically made of a roll of canvas or vinyl placed on a tall vertical stand. They are commonly seen at conventions, booths, stores, tables, and more. Most banner stands are retractable, allowing you to keep them at the end of each day and set them back up the following day. Banner stands are a great way to advertise services, upcoming events, contact information, and anything else. Their large size and eye-catching detail make them a must-have for any promotional booths.

Window Decals

You will undoubtedly have seen the beautiful window decals in some stores. These are also created using large format printing, especially if they are to cover a large window surface. Window decals are adhesive and paste directly onto standard window panes, making them useful for advertising promotions, menus, sales, or even just your store name or motto.