Whether it is in a carpark, at a construction site, at school, in the amusement park, or anywhere else, metal barricades in Singapore are a common sight. They are commonly used to cordon off areas, protect equipment, or for crowd control purposes. Most metal barricades can be joined together to create a longer barricade of your desired length. Some barricades are also extendable and can be retracted for easier keeping.

Barricade in Singapore comes in different sizes and types, although they generally have a similar shape. They are usually rectangular or squarish in size, with feet on either end of the frame. Barricades that can be interlocked will have small hooks on the side that you can use to join them to each other. There are also both regular barricades and heavy-duty barricades, with the latter weighing more, being more durable, and thus able to withstand more force.

Which barricade is most suitable for your needs? Let’s have a look at the different types of metal barricade in Singapore.

Pedestrian Barricades

Pedestrian barricades are mainly used for crowd control. They are often seen at crowded events such as festivals and concerts, where they are used to section large areas, provide the path for a queue or to control traffic flow. Pedestrian barricades themselves can feature different designs, such as bridge feet or flat feet. They can also have swing gates.

Bridge Feet Barricades

Bridge feet barricades have two feet, each shaped like an arch, designed to stand steadily on uneven ground. Although most of our terrain is built up, bridge feet barricades can still be used regardless, making them an adaptable solution if you are planning to move your equipment around. Bridge feet barricades come with hooks on the side, allowing for interlocking to create longer barriers.

Flat Feet Barricades

Similar to bridge feet barricades, flat feet barricades also have interlocking hooks and two feet, but the difference is that the feet lie flat on the ground rather than being arched. As such, flat feet barricades are best for flat ground.

Wheel Feet Barricades

Wheel feet may come attached to barricades or sold separately. They allow for easy movement of the barricades, which can be helpful if you need to move your barricades frequently. However, the downside of wheel feet is that they are of course less stable than bridge feet or flat feet barricades. Most wheels can be locked in place, preventing movement when they are meant to be stationary, but they may still slide over uneven ground.

Swing Gate Barricades

Don’t lock yourself out with your own barricade! When you have a long barrier formed from many interlocking barricades, it can be difficult for staff or organisers to get through. If you think this might be a problem, you may want to get a barricade swing gate. A swing gate is a special barricade panel that comes with hinges, creating a gate in the middle of the barricade. Barricade swing gates are not only used to allow people to pass, but can also come in the size of vehicles or larger machinery, which are common at construction sites.

Sliding Gate Barricades

Like wheel feet barricades, sliding gate barricades feature wheels that allow a single barricade to slide, often horizontally. The wheels on sliding gate barricades are often fixed to the barricade. Instead of swinging outwards, the sliding gate retracts back into the rest of the barricade, saving on space.

A-frame Barricades

Shaped like an “A”, A-frame barricades look somewhat like an easel, with two slanted legs extending outwards. They commonly have a length of reflective tape at the top over a plank, and can be seen in construction or on the road. A-frame barricades have a stable structure, so they are able to balance on uneven ground.

Expanding Length Barricades

Expanding length barricades are able to extend to variable lengths and retract into a thin pole when not in use. They are commonly made of metal or plastic, and feature interlocking pull levers that allow the barricade to vary its length. Expanding length barricades are often used to cordon off areas for cleaning, maintenance or construction.

Barricade Coatings

The advantage of metal barricades is that they can be customised in a number of ways. There are three main coatings for metal barricade in Singapore:

Powder-Coated Barricades

Powder-coating usually gives the barricade a solid colour of your choice, allowing it to blend into your desired environment. Additionally, powder-coating also provides resistance against rust and corrosion, making it great for rainy weather.

Pre-Galvanised Barricades

Since pre-galvanised barricades have a lighter coating, they are often used only for indoor purposes. We recommend not using them outdoors since they are more prone to rust and corrosion.

Hot-dipped Galvanised Barricades

If you are looking for heavy-duty barricades, hot-dipped galvanised barricades are what you should go for. They are dipped in a coating of hot zinc to protect against rust and corrosion, increasing their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions for years.