Construction sites are often considered hazardous areas where safety is of utmost priority. These sites must have the right safety equipment and protocols to protect workers and the public. Rail barricades are among the essential equipment for any construction site, particularly type 3 barricades.

But to what exactly is a type 3 barricade? Why are they so important for construction sites? How can you choose the one that specifically meets the need of your project? If you have all these questions in mind, stay connected with us. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about T3 barricade Singapore.

What is a T3 barricade?

Type 3 barricades are the type of safety barricade used in construction projects requiring the closure of entire roadways. They can redirect traffic and ensure that drivers follow a specific route. In addition, T3 barricades are preferred in emergencies such as natural disasters, where the roads need to be closed for public safety.

Characteristics of T3 barricade

T3 barricades stand out from other types of barricades due to their unique characteristics, such as:


Type 3 barricades are at least 4 feet long and 5 feet tall, making them the largest of all rail barricades. These large T3 barricades are easily visible to drivers and pedestrians even from a long distance.


They are made of high-quality plastic, which can withstand severe weather and environmental conditions. This feature makes them highly durable and long-lasting, even in demanding construction environments.

Safety Features

T3 Barricades must have reflective markings on each rail. Typically, these markings are orange and white strips angled downwards at 45 degrees. The reflective markings on barricades are essential To ensure that the barricades are seen from a distance, even in low-light conditions.


These barricades are extremely lightweight, which makes them versatile and well-suited for various construction projects. Moreover, they are easy to transport from one point to another.

Why is Type 3 Barricades Important?

Here’s why T3 barricades are an essential component of every construction project:

Ensure Safety

Barricades are critical in keeping workers and pedestrians safe at the construction site. They are large enough to Create a physical barrier that keeps us away from hazardous areas, thereby avoiding unwanted accidents.

Managing Traffic Flow

These barricades are an ideal option for managing traffic flow. They redirect traffic safely and efficiently at the construction site where there may be a high traffic volume.

Reducing The Risk Of Accidents

Type 3 barricades provide a clear and visible barrier to notify drivers about upcoming road closures or detours so that they can redirect. By alerting drivers and pedestrians about potential hazards, it eliminates the risk of an accident.

Improving Efficiency

These larger rail barricades enhance the overall efficiency of the construction project., They ensure construction projects are completed on time by managing traffic flow and other hazards.

Protecting Property

The barricade protects property at the construction site and the surrounding areas. They are designed to prevent vehicles and pedestrians from entering areas where required to cause any harm to the building or other structures.

How Does T3 Barricade Singapore Differs From T1 And T2?

Unlike type one and type 2 barricades, T3 barricades are larger, having additional markings on top of the rail to provide extra visibility to drivers from a distance. Moreover, T3 Barricades are effective for major construction projects and can control larger traffics.

How to Choose The Right Type 3 Barricades For Your Project?

Are you planning to buy barricade Follow these tips to ensure that you choose the right type of barricade for your construction project:

Considered The Project Scope

Before buying a barricade, you should consider the type and scope of your project to determine if the T3 barricade is appropriate for this job.

Check For Compliance With Safety Regulations

The barricade should comply with safety regulations set by OSHA.


Ensure that the barricade canvas stands for extreme weather conditions, heavy traffic, and potential vehicle impacts.


Evaluate the visibility of the barricade to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Try to find a barricade with improved visibility features such as reflective markings, flashing lights and high-contrast colours.

Reputable Supplier

Always choose a supplier with a reputation for quality and reliability and a proven tag record of providing safety solutions for construction projects.

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