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Queue Pole / Stanchion Pole Rental in Singapore

We provide rental of professional stanchion poles for events. A stanchion is an upright pole or wall-mounted housing unit that typically contains either a rope hook or a retractable belt. It’s main purpose is to deter the public from restricted sections or to create specific areas for queuing. In other words, it is a staple and affordable crowd management solution. Our queue poles are compact, versatile and an effective technique for crowd control at your events. Keep your crowds safer and more organised by endorsing S-lite’s queue pole rental services today.


Queue Pole/ Stanchion Pole Dimensions

The standard length for our retractable belt stanchion is 6.5 feet, with a typical width of 2 inches. Meanwhile our rope stanchion measures 4 feet in length, and is approximately 1.5 inches wide.

Extra-long belt barriers are generally utilized to block off specific areas. These can easily and quickly cover the length of an entry or hallway, with an option of adding custom messaging, using a stanchion sign frame. For example, “Cleaning in Progress”, or “Do not enter”. Queue lines are more secure by adding more posts. Places like hotels and airports usually endorse retractable belts to change the lengths of the paths according to immediate needs.

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Belt Quality

Our stanchion poles are covered in powder-coated steel, making our items extremely long lasting with added sheen. Offering high quality event products matters to us because we take into consideration your events specific needs. The durability of our stanchion poles are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor climates.


Rope Stanchions

Traditional rope and post stanchions are a common sight at amusement parks, movie theatres and museums. This classic pole and rope barrier style is the best way to provide a touch of elegance to your queue management. The rope attached to the post serves as an effective crowd tactic whilst also adding an appealing sense of exclusivity to your surroundings.

Our most popular stanchion ropes are made out of velour, which closely resembles velvet but is more ideal for repeat usage. Aside from the traditional red, we offer a variety of colours for you to choose from. Other options for rope material include faux leather naugahyde, luxurious braided ropes and twisted polypropylene, which is most ideal for outdoor use.

As compared to a retractable belt stanchion, the finish of a rope stanchion is significantly more important due to it’s use in upscale environments. S-lite takes this into account, and lets you choose from polished bronze, to satin chrome finish and several options in between.

Another important component is the top design – Choose from a crown, ball or flat top in the finish of your choice. We give you the freedom to customize in a number of ways with the option to choose either a domed or flat base, as well.


Retractable Stanchions

The retractable belt stanchion is a fan-favorite amongst crowd control professionals. These are multi-functional, modern stanchions that can be found in a great number of businesses and venues. Retractable belt stanchions come in a variety of colors and finishes, with the added advantage that they can be embellished with logos, graphics, or specific messages.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, custom belt stanchions have become a great tool to encourage physical distancing, with messages urging the public to keep a six-feet distance from one another.

Belted stanchions have the benefit of being extremely versatile and easily expanded or retracted depending on the ebb and flow of human traffic. A four-way receptacle on top of the stanchion allows belts to expand in any direction. Additional stanchions and belts can easily be deployed to existing set-ups.

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