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Celebrate with S-Lite – Indoor/Outdoor Festive Decorations

S-Lite is experienced in both indoor and outdoor festive decorations in Singapore. With our own team of creative designers, we are able to create unique decorations for any festive – be it Christmas, Chinese New Year, or even Wedding and Conferences! We have our own in-house machinery and skilled craftsman that enables us to provide you with the festive decoration of your dreams.

The holidays can be both a hectic and exciting time for all of us. Make the most out of the human traffic in malls and public spaces by showing your patrons how much you, as a vendor can embody the festive spirit! Festive props decorations are a must for public spaces and malls, if we are to impress and entice members of the public. Studies have shown that stores and businesses decorated for the holidays tend to incite positive feelings in customers, making them feel more at home and hence more likely to make purchases.

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The biggest benefit of employing holiday decorations is indeed it’s potential to yield increased sales. With some businesses earning as much as a 20-40% of their annual sales in November and December alone, the holidays are not to be taken lightly. As organizations, it is our responsibility to cater to the celebrations of different religious groups and cultures. That said, some other major holidays in Singapore aside from Christmas include Hari Raya, Deepavali and Chinese New year.

Chinese New Year is a huge celebration in Singapore, with approximately 76% of the population that celebrates every year. Whether it is adorning the image of a mascot in a beautiful cheong-sam, or showcasing the adorable animals of the zodiac coupled with informative displays, we come up with a range of creative solutions to fit your holiday requests.

Our provision of attractive props and ornaments for Chinese New Year decorations in Singapore makes S-lite the ultimate festive supplier.

We are a major provider of both CNY and Christmas decorations in Singapore, for both indoor and outdoor settings. Our outdoor presentations include weather-resistant props and attractive LED light displays. With smooth and efficient setup, you don’t have to worry about the logistics, or about any decoration project that is too extravagant – Let us handle that for you. We have arranged Christmas tree displays totaling an estimated height of 35 ft *.

There is nothing like a fantastic light installation to really bedazzle your viewers. We implement our festive lighting installations on a wide range of heights and surfaces, including mall interiors, exterior architectures and custom props. Time after time, light displays have proven themselves to be amongst our most popular requests, and we deliver every time. For an extravagant sight for mall-goers to stare in awe and feel at home in your space, installed adhering to the highest safety measures.

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