Exhibition Setups

System Panels, Carpet, Custom Booths and more

S-Lite has over a decade of experience in the events and exhibitions industry till date. Based in Singapore, we have a wide range of event furniture and exhibition furnishing for rental. We also have a team of experienced 3D designers can create innovative Exhibition Booth Designs! We design and build Exhibition Booths based on your exhibition requirement with our in-house carpenters. We also have System Counters and System Panels for rent.

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Transform Your Event with Our Exceptional Exhibition Expertise

At Slite Group, we specialize in exhibition carpentry to create stunning setups that powerfully showcase your brand. We create dynamic displays that engage your audience and enhance brand recognition. With innovative concepts and state-of-the-art technology, we craft immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. Our expertise ranges from trade shows, product launches, and promotional events where we design visually appealing set-ups that raise your presence.

Why You Need Exhibition Setups

Effective marketing strategies are crucial in today’s highly competitive market. While traditional platforms have seen a decline in effectiveness, exhibitions remain a powerful tool for brands to establish long-term connections with consumers. Exhibitions offer a unique opportunity for brands to shine and create lasting impressions, yielding various benefits.

Creating exceptional exhibition setups is crucial for standing out and grabbing attention.

A well-designed booth helps you stand out, attracting the desired attention and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Some brands overlook the potential of their booths, missing out on achieving their desired outcomes. Exhibitions are just like traditional marketing in that first impression matters Visitors are naturally drawn to impressive booths, making it essential to invest in a standout setup. Whether custom-built or rented, a booth should be carefully crafted to reflect your brand image and convey a unique story to reinforce your marketing message.

Plan carefully to make a display that catches people’s attention and shows off your company. Don’t wait – start designing your awesome booth today!




Why Choose Slite Group For Your Exhibition Setups?

Creative Setup Designs

Explore a range of innovative and captivating setup designs that will make your exhibition stand out.

Experienced Team

A skilled and experienced team dedicated to ensuring the success of your exhibition setup

Prompt Delivery

Ensure that your exhibition booth setup arrives on time and without any stress.

Quality Materials

Uses high-quality materials ensuring durability and a professional finish for your exhibition.

Client Satisfaction

We prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring your exhibition setup exceeds your expectations and leaves a lasting impression.

Cost-Efficient Solutions

We offer budget-friendly options without compromising on the quality and impact of your exhibition setup.

Quick Response

We respond promptly to your exhibition setup needs, ensuring your event is well-prepared and on time.

Free Consultation

Enjoy a complimentary consultation, where we discuss your requirements and suggest the best solutions for your exhibition.


1. How much does an exhibition booth cost? +

Exhibition booth cost in Singapore varies widely based on the size, location, design, added features, and much more. For a standard booth, the cost can be anywhere from SGD 3,000 to SGD 15,000 on average, it can be more or can be less too depending on customization and requirements.

2. Importance of an exhibition setup? +

Exhibition setup is the most important factor because this is how you can catch attention and showcase your brand. It acts like a magnet that attracts visitors and makes you stand out among all other exhibitors. A well-designed exhibition setup helps to enhance your brand image and increases the chance of valuable connections as well.

3. Things to consider when setting up an event booth? +
  • Choose a good prime spot with high foot traffic.
  • Make your booth look attractive and up to your brand.
  • Train your staff to interact with and engage visitors.
  • Get your brochures, giveaways, banners, etc. ready.
  • Use screens or interactive technology to present your services attractively.
  • Ensure the lighting is proper to highlight your products and make your booth look good with the proper lighting.

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