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S-Lite now owns our in-house inventory of tentages and marquees for rental! Be it the slope tent or gazebo for an area of small shade, or a dome tent for large events, we have the suitable tentage for your outdoor event requirements.

If you are a company or individual searching for the ideal tentage rentage in Singapore, look no further than S-lite! We offer a wide variety of tentage styles for your needs, for competitive prices. By providing tentage rental in Singapore, we are allowing businesses the opportunity to expand their professionalism to create an atmosphere that is both organized, comfortable and professional for your guests and workers. At S-lite, we believe in the importance of making a good impression. Whether you are an employer or a big business, the way you treat your guests and employees will always come back to affect the business. So why not make them thankful for a good space provided?

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Gazebos, Slope Tents and Dome tents – One for every size!

Our gazebos are made with steel metallic stands and a waterproof canvas roof cover to protect you against excessive winds and sunshine, whilst also having curtains for your privacy. They can also be used to close off a certain area. Gazebos can add a touch of elegance to any garden environment and create a cool and relaxing scene for all your guests. Our cream-white colour variety makes these a popular choice at hotels or for wedding functions, as they complement the aesthetic and add nice sense of romanticism to your special day. Ideal for all sorts of corporate functions, parties and weddings – There are so many outlets here where you could most definitely use a gazebo or one of our tentage options! For example, registration booths, dining areas and private areas. We have a range of gazebo sizes available to fit your event perfectly.

As well as these, gazebos can also be used as makeshift changing rooms for swimming and sporting events; the side curtains can be conveniently pulled for privacy, whilst the structure is spacious enough for your personal belongings. At this time, Gazebo’s have proved themselves to be an essential community provision – Covid regulations checkpoints are a must for many organizations, particularly hospitals. Large and formidable tentage setup allows for a durable shaded area for your employees to carry out health checks and declarations where needed. As well as marking off an area and providing a professional area of work, your employees will be able to work better in this hot weather thanks to the cool shade.

We have a wide variety of sizes and styles available for our tentages. Slope tents are typically smaller in size, and are an excellent option for food and commercial vendors that wish to offer their services. Our tentage rental is high-quality, affordable and offers a range of colours and styles suited to your branding preference. Dome tents are our largest variety and can hold functions in a space up to 2400 square feet*. Dome tents are an ideal option for tentage rental if you are looking to hold functions with a large head count, or where you require plenty of space, such as large-scale corporate events and seminars. We offer you the choice of having a clear plastic or cloth coating. Either way, what you get is a professional space for liaisons, networking and social/business opportunities.

If you are seeking high-quality tentage rental in Singapore, look no further than us! Chat with one of our friendly representatives, and we can advise you on the best choice for your bespoke event!

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