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Being the event logistics specialist, S-Lite owns one of the largest amount of Metal Barricades and Water Barriers for rental in Singapore. Taking part in the very first of marathons in Singapore, we were part of major events like the Sundown Marathon, Stanchart Marathon, OCBC Cycle and other running and sports events. With that, the S-Lite brand is also synonymous to the sports industry.

S-Lite now owns our in-house inventory of tentages and marquees for rental! Be it the slope tent or gazebo for an area of small shade, or a dome tent for large events, we have the suitable tentage for your outdoor event requirements.

We provide various types of event barricade in Singapore for your specific event needs. We have an entire inventory of over 15,000 barricades, making us the most sought-after barricade rental company in Singapore. S-lite has provided for a range of vendors and events types, including being a constant contractor of barricades for the annual Singapore F1 Grand Prix races (before the onset of covid), supplied for the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s memorial service in March 2015, for the Singapore Airshow 2020 and many more.

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Metal Barricade Rental in Singapore

S-lite is one of the most popular vendors for Metal barricade rental in Singapore.

Our signature metal barricades are our most highly requested, and have braved the weather for countless events in order to ensure optimum crowd control. Metal barricades are particularly ideal for preventing overcrowding by segmenting crowds and organising long queues.

Depending on your preference, we provide a range of Metal barricades in Singapore for different event requirements. We offer two options of weatherised steel to prevent weather corrosion for our predominantly outdoor events – a hot-dipped galvanised steel design with a silver finish, or a coloured powder coat finish. Both are excellent options for preventing rust and weathering. Our silver-finished, flat-feet metal barricade designs are most ideal for blending in with their environments and are a great non-invasive crowd control tactic. Meanwhile, our 100% steel with coloured powder coating proves itself as an excellent ally in safety precautions as it’s bright yellow colour can be noticed distinctively by oncoming traffic and vehicles. Although standard steel finish is most appropriate for events such as concerts, rallies and places such as parks and local schools, having coloured powder coated metal barricades are most appropriate for construction zones, facilities and warehouses. For the arrival of British Royal Kate Middleton in Singapore (September 2012), S-lite’s signature coloured metal barricades were used – an ideal choice as it’s hollow design allowed for interaction with her fans, while it’s bright colour acted as a safety measure for children.

Both variations of metal barricade are highly durable and resistant against forces of impact whilst being easily portable. We offer first-rate rental of metal barricades in Singapore for reasonable prices. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier of Metal barricades in Singapore, look no further than S-lite.


Water Barricade Rental in Singapore

As well as metal barricades, S-lite also provides premium Water barricade rental in Singapore. Some common uses of water barricades include crowd & traffic control, area delineation, security, and protection for construction workers and pedestrians. They can also restrict access to areas, and are appropriate for factory and warehouse settings, mainly for safety purposes.

Deploying water barricades as a protective measure has many benefits. Firstly, they are high in visibility due to their bright colour, and are also easily transportable as ballast (sand or liquid) can be added on location. Once filled with ballast, our plastic water barricades prove to be quite heavy-duty, becoming resistant against both weather and wind. For visibility, these plastic barricades can be easily noticed even in low lighting, which promotes cautious behaviour and attentive driving in high-risk areas. Unlike concrete barricades, water barricades are optimized for temporary use in situations such as traffic redirection and construction, which is also why they are designed to be so easily transportable.

Our plastic water barricades also have an interlocking functionality with end-to-end connectors, so that they can conveniently be used to connect up to considerable lengths, or simply to round off an area.

Through the deployment of our water barricades, you can feel assured knowing that high-quality safety measures were put in place for your event. Choose us as your premium vendor for Water barrier rentals in Singapore.

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