Concrete Block Rental

Concrete Barriers with
Heras Fencing

Concrete Block Rental in Singapore

Exercising crowd control in public spaces and areas of high-risk can be a challenge. With the help of S-lite’s range of sturdy Concrete Blocks for rent, you can feel safe and secure about pedestrian safety and crowd control at your next event. We offer a wide range of bespoke concrete block rentals that can be tailored specifically to your requests.

Temporary Verticle Concrete Block (TVCB)

Our crash-tested TVC Barriers have been tested thoroughly to withstand heavy vehicular impact. Designed and created with high-quality concrete, they are able to offer a safe working environment for event workers whilst protecting pedestrians. Additionally, TVCB’s can also be used for securing wide entrances to land or carparks and even providing flood defence when needed. They are also a great way to indicate demarcation and a physical barrier to an unauthorised point of entry. TVCB’s are very versatile and can be used as Vehicle Security Barriers (VSBs) as well as for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM).

If your next event requires assistance with the traffic flow of crowds, S-lite’s TVC Barriers are an excellent solution for concrete block rental in Singapore.

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Concrete Jersey Barriers

S-lite’s Jersey Barriers are an ideal choice for traffic management as their high-quality concrete is designed to protect against high impact. – Making them an excellent method for separating lanes of traffic, or protecting construction workers and pedestrians in the event of a vehicular collision. Jersey barriers use an interlocking system that lets you fully secure a continuous perimeter of any length.

Jersey Barriers offer extremely effective protection against attempted intrusion with vehicles when utilised as edge-protection around perimeters. If general traffic management or traffic re-routing is required during road works or construction works, Jersey Barriers help to provide a safe environment for both workers and pedestrians.


Concrete Barriers with Heras Fencing

Our Heras Fencing concrete barriers provide the perfect solution and are designed specifically to enable 2 meter high standard Heras Fencing to be locked into a barrier and secured together. Ideal for both traffic and people management at live construction sites, events and other public places. They are the ideal solution if you need a concrete barrier integrated with fencing for crowd control.


Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks are designed specifically to stack both horizontally and vertically, creating a retaining wall of any size. Despite their immense weight, they are easy to install and assemble. Interlocking blocks are a robust solution for protecting vacant properties, managing access for vehicles and pedestrians or building custom partition walls. They also come with fire and water-resistant qualities.

Available in a variety of weights and sizes, our interlocking concrete blocks come with 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 nodes. This allows for an unlimited range of height, shape and length combinations for anything from flood defence, retaining walls, storage systems or erecting temporary structures.

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