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S-Lite has been expanding to not just being an event logistics provider, but we are also growing to be a one-stop event management company in Singapore. With our in-house creative designer and skilled craftsmen producing the finest event and exhibition setup from logistics to print, we assure our clients a full suite service with prompt turnaround time. Our event managers are also well-versed in various types of event management, from dinner and dance, exhibitions, to corporate launches; we are also especially experienced in planning sports and marathon related events.

Our creative team also accustomed to brainstorming ideas to add an innovative touch to your event so when you think events, you think S-Lite! As a first-rate Event Organiser in Singapore, S-lite will carry out all the background logistics of planning for your perfect event. Our steps involve a strategic study of your brand, identifying the target audience, devising an event concept, planning logistics and coordinating every technical aspect of your future event before it’s launch. These are the crucial aspects we deliver to make a successful event.

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Although S-lite has carved a name primarily in the forte of sporting events, our management services cover a whole array of affairs, not excluding events for fashion, charity, music, exhibitions, meetings, roadshows, conferences, V.I.P events, award shows and weddings, in any sector. Every type of event has individual needs that we cater to. Although every event is unique, there are some requirements across the board that remain the same – That means providing excellent planning services through tight logistical measures and attractive branding through displays and event backdrops. Event backdrops, Display panels and Entrance arches* are all quintessential forms of branding for any event – Please refer to our Carpentry and Printing page for more information about our dedicated workmanship, skilled engineers and cutting-edge technology that goes into creating these event structures.

At S-lite, we are an event management company in Singapore that seeks to gain a strong understanding of your objectives through clear communications with our partners. – That’s you! By identifying the main purpose of your event, we can refine the kind of experience offered to your guests. Our specialized team of organizers are true professionals at considering variable factors and establishing those important timelines. From experience, we know that any grand-scale event must involve complex time management, scheduling and coordination of peoples activity so that your event goes as planned. Matters such as catering, venue preparation and technological setup are always considered beforehand. As a company that likes to think two steps ahead, you can trust that S-lite is the most reliable event management company in Singapore.

Being a major event organiser in Singapore also means sourcing and managing the right suppliers. From caterers to lighting, diverse suppliers need contacting, short-listing, negotiating costs and finalizing contracts. We seek to bring all these deliverables to you in a cost-effective manner. That said, we always take into account the importance of effective budgeting for our clients. Delivering a great event is easy with unlimited funds; but we understand that some partners might have a constrained budget. In these situations, effective budget management provided by companies like us, is a key aspect in making sure funds don’t overrun.

Events are complex – having many contributing elements means there is a possibility of things not going to plan. S-lite is here to take the stress off, by being risk management professionals. We strategise to minimise risk by developing robust contingency plans in the event of problems that surface. Work with us for a professional and effective events management service that guarantees an amazing event.

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