Marathons in Singapore – Metal Barricades OR Water Barriers?

May 31, 2018

We see many marathons being organized in Singapore in the recent years; from the usual 42km standard marathons to shorter runs that are gradually adapting to the mass markets, there are multiple marathons happening each week. You can tell a marathon is going to happen in the vicinity by spotting barricades lined along the roads. But how do you know when to use metal barricades and when to use water barriers?

A metal barricade, being slim but heavy, can be easily fitted into crowded locations like the start and end points of a marathon serving the purpose of crowd control. It can also form queue lines, or prevent runners from going off-course. There are several types of metal barricades – short ones, tall ones, or even those with wheels. This makes metal barricades a popular choice as it is highly versatile and can be easily deployed.

On the other hand, water barriers are commonly found along the roads. Due to its sturdy nature when added water, it is more suitable to be used to block off vehicular entrances, and is a common choice for marathons that involve road closures.

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