Benefits of Cycling – Why Should I Cycle

Sep 28, 2018

The Singapore International Triathlon was recently held on Sunday. One of the 3 segments of a triathlon involves cycling. Cycling is an activity enjoyed by many. It can be done in many different ways, such as leisurely in a park, on the road or even in a race event. But how does cycling benefit you?


1. Improves Your Mental Health

  • It is a way to make yourself feel good
  • When you cycle, you will be able to let your mind run free
  • It lets you release any stress that you might have
  • Cycling will make you happier as a person


2. Makes You Healthier

  • It helps to improve your stamina and strength
  • It also helps to work your muscles out as it uses all major muscle groups
  • When you cycle, you would also be able to burn some calories and lose weight


3. Saves You Money

  • If you cycle to work, you can cut down on transportation fees
  • Travelling to work can be expensive
  • Getting a bicycle is a one-time investment while taking the public transport or your own transport is a cost that you will incur everyday


As you can see, cycling benefits you and your body! There are many cycling events that happen yearly so do look out for announcements of those events. S-Lite provides bicycle rental for such events. Feel free to contact us at CONTACT@SLITEGROUP.COM for more info on bicycle rental!

P.S.: Enjoy some of the pictures we got from the Singapore International Triathlon held on Sunday!