S-Lite Event Support, also known as S-Lite Group, is a one-stop Event and Exhibition Megahouse. From a mere Metal Barricade Rental Company in Singapore, we now offer an integrated approach to events, providing our customers convenience and reliability with our in-house logistics, design, and production. We take care of your event needs from Large Format Printing to Tentages, from Customized Event Entrance Arch to Exhibition Booth Setup and Festive Decorations.

Our forte of Event Management lies in Outdoor Events, Corporate Launch, Exhibitions Booth Setup, Festive Decorations, and Marketing Activation. As one of the Top Event Management Company in Singapore, we make your Event Idea a reality.

Some customers just can’t believe that a company provide them with everything they need. Well, S-Lite Group certainly can. Watch us in action – everything from our Barricades and Road Closures, to Event Tentages, Large Format Print and Exhibition Setups, Festive Decorations, and more!

We are also ISO Service Quality accredited, OHSAS and Bizsafe Star certified to show our dedication in service quality and workers’ safety.


Tampines Tree Planting Carnival 2018 – Event Management

Event Management is one of the many services S-Lite provides. As a one-stop event management company in Singapore, we provide clients with full suite service for their event. One event that we worked on was the Tampines Tree Planting Carnival 2018, held on the 17th...

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Event Carpentry – What Are They For?

  Event Carpentry is an important aspect of an event or branding for a business. This is because it allows the creation of customised props. So what kind of event carpentry might you need? Arch Arches are overhangs that goes above patrons. This allows people to walk...

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What Is The Purpose of Large Format Print?

    Ever seen these in the malls or at the roadsides? They are called Large Format Print! They come either in the form of PVC or Vinyl Sticker.   Purpose of Large Format Printing Large Format Printing allows you to display your products or brand to the public in a...

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Benefits of Cycling – Why Should I Cycle

    The Singapore International Triathlon was recently held on Sunday. One of the 3 segments of a triathlon involves cycling. Cycling is an activity enjoyed by many. It can be done in many different ways, such as leisurely in a park, on the road or even in a race...

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Event Furniture – What Are The Differences?

Furnishing helps out your event in many various ways, such as providing comfort as well as ambience. But that said, there are many different types of event furniture. So what are the different furnishing available? 1. Chairs & Stools Chairs and stools come in...

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4 Things to Take Note for Event Management

Planning an event can take a tremendous amount of effort. There are many aspects of event management and each aspect is equally important. But fear not! Here are some things for you take note of when planning an event:   1. Manpower Management Managing your manpower...

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